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  • Isn't It Romantic

    Isn't It Romantic


    This was a cute, feel good flick. If you like rom-coms, I think you’ll like this movie.

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    Pretty good. I don’t know if it would make it into my top ten MCU movies, but it was entertaining. Also, I loved the tribute at the beginning to Stan Lee. And that cameo of him reading the Mallrats script... my heart.

  • The Witch Files

    The Witch Files


    If you go into this comparing it to classic witchy movies like the The Craft, you are going to be very disappointed. But if you can embrace the cheese, this is a fun little flick.

  • Game of Thrones: The Last Watch

    Game of Thrones: The Last Watch


    No matter what your feelings are about the finale (trust me, I have many) you cannot deny the fact that Game of Thrones was one of the greatest television series to ever grace our screens. And this wonderful documentary goes behind the scenes, shining the light on the various departments and the numerous individuals who don’t always receive the acknowledgment that they very much deserve.