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  • Don't Torture a Duckling

    Don't Torture a Duckling


    (There might be some minor spoilers here. I've tried to avoid getting as specific as possible but watch the movie first cuz it's great).

    I've got some minor reservations about this one, mostly based in the p-fucked attitude the little girl who is deaf + mute, and what was to me a bit of a weird attempt at pathos regarding the killer at the very end.

    But honestly -

    That shit doesn't matter too much, I won't remember those parts…

  • Puce Moment

    Puce Moment


    Discrete images, familiar sights of homeliness, preparation, exhaustive contemplation, and some very, very good bois, made abstract thru a filter of psychedelia, a tension created via loud sound and quiet sight, a suspension of location and purpose. Abstract images, ephemeral thoughts pulled from the space between artistic intention and experience, made discrete with the introduction of social expectation and a human form creating a narrative by presence alone.

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  • They Live

    They Live


    Letterboxd Scavenger Hunt 49: April 2019: 13/30 (+1)

    Is it a coincidence that I watched this the same night of that historical debate between the Lobster King and the Sniffling Lacanian, two of the most towering, vaulted intellectuals of our time? Yes, yes it is mostly. The debate is/was a shit-show without use, but I’ll move on from that now before I really start complaining. Speaking of Zizek, I’ll just refer all readers to his Pervert’s Guide to Ideology for…

  • Fireworks



    I've been sitting on a rented copy of The Films of Kenneth Anger vol.1 for two whole weeks now, and stupidly kept putting it off cuz of a dumb mix of bog-standard drug-induced degeneracy and pure inept laziness, and unfortunately I'm not sure if I'll get through the whole thing before I pass out tonight (soon). Fuck me.

    Double fuck me because Fireworks is, in a small way (or maybe more accurately a short way) a distillation of a lot…