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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    11 Years, 21 Films, it's all lead to this film right here. Even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe has it's duds it is overall one of my favourite pieces of cinema. I thoroughly enjoy all of the interlinking films, the setups and boy did it pay off.

    This film is the longest yet it definitely has the least action but that's because it focuses so much on its stories and characters, it pulls forth so much emotion that I can…

  • Love, Simon

    Love, Simon


    I will never not love this film.

    I honestly love Simon even with some of his bad choices but don't we all make mistakes at that age especially when something so private to you is being threatened, I'd have done the same.

    I hate what he's put through and relate to his troubles of coming out.

    I enjoy the comedy which gives me a chance to stop crying at everything else, especially the friends coming out as straight which makes…

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  • Murder Mystery

    Murder Mystery


    A murder mystery comedy that managed to keep me entertained with a good cast.

    Nick and Audrey Spitz travel to Europe and end up in the middle of rich families fued and murder. The film then follows them try and figure out the killer, the film kept me guessing as to who it was with the ending not being too predictable.

    As opposed to Adam Sandlers more recent outings this film has comedic moments that made me laugh rather than…

  • Lone Survivor

    Lone Survivor


    A shocking and true story of heroism however the film focuses more on action than character development leaving no room for attachment.

    Four navy SEALs are on a mission to take out an Al-Qaeda leader however a morally correct decision changes the mission and their lives. It's a story of war, morality and survival. It's hard not to like that plot and its no surprise a film was made about it.

    These men were brave soldiers however they were human…

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  • Murder on the Orient Express

    Murder on the Orient Express


    A film that has an expected ending but it's cast and story allows the journey to that end to be entertaining and worth a watch.

    The film takes Agatha Christie's story and seemingly adapts it without changes, though I've never read the book I've somehow known the ending for years even prior to this film's release so that unfortunately takes away some of the mystery and excitement. However, this film is full of well-known actors and actresses including Kenneth Branagh,…

  • I Am Mother

    I Am Mother


    I Am Mother is Netflix's latest original/exclusive and it is one of the few good ones this year. A Sci-fi film that's predictable yet enjoyable.

    This is a film that has sat on my watchlist for a while and it surprised me to find out earlier in the week it was a Netflix exclusive that was coming out. I hadn't seen the trailer which I've been told was spoilerific and so I went in with a fresh mind.

    The story…