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  • Nightmare in Badham County

    Nightmare in Badham County


    Two California college girls on a Southern road trip run afoul of redneck sheriff Chuck Connors and find themselves sentenced indefinitely to a prison farm that serves as a barely veiled slave camp for the neighboring town.

    This is a tough one to get a handle on. It's a pretty basic, rather disturbing women-in-prison picture on the surface, but it's clearly aiming at something beyond the usual exploitation thrills. I'm both appreciative of that ambition and a bit squicked out…

  • The Black Doll

    The Black Doll


    A rich SOB is interrupted in abusing his staff and family when the titular doll shows up in his study. It's a totem of his past sins, natch, and soon enough he and his old mining partners are getting picked off by an unseen murderer. It's up to dashing private eye Donald Woods and incompetent sheriff Edgar Kennedy to crack the case.

    This is a totally basic old dark house whodunit, which means it'd have to work pretty hard for…

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  • Magic



    Anthony Hopkins is a massively successful ventriloquist named Corky and Ann-Margaret is occasionally naked. If you need more than that, we're very different people.

  • Street Trash

    Street Trash


    "Has anyone mashed up clips from this classic of the 'melting vagrant' genre with Modern English's 'Melt With You'?" I wondered. Ten seconds later, I was watching exactly that. Internet, you seldom disappoint.