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  • Carrie



    An American high school drama/horror which either offered too much or too little, laying things on too thickly at the start and on a few occasions thereafter, but elsewhere spreading its meagre premise thinly over an hour and a half. The satanic possession line was introduced through rather a lot of shrieking brought on by supporting characters whose righteous religiosity, malice or incompetence was so intense that it came off only as ersatz. Rather than uncovering what lay behind Carrie’s…

  • Downton Abbey

    Downton Abbey


    A luscious light melodrama, which was a much better made feature than the dashed-off cash-in certain of our party had been anticipating. The pacing was the key: the film scarcely permitted a dull moment across the first hour and three quarters, skipping upstairs, downstairs, and around and in between, drawing in the whole ensemble of warm-hearted strivers, and not allowing the mouldy dialogue to spoil the barrel. The cinematic presentation showed off a ravishing Highclere Castle, and the otherwise pointless…

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  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    A terrible film, made by people whose fundamental failure to grasp even the basics of motion picture composition left one seething. Lying at the putrescent core of the film’s insulting inconsequentiality was a failure to establish geography. Not one of the film’s principal locations, an antiques shop, a fairground, a camper van, had a scope or a scale, or the coherence of place necessary for the viewer to be transported. The rapid cuts between close frames shot from wildly varied…

  • Age Of Kill

    Age Of Kill


    There was a moment in Age of Kill when a police officer appeared to be taking a statement from a witness to a double murder. Peculiarly, the witness proceeded to spout lines along the order of 'make sure this area is cordoned off; we can't afford to miss a single piece of evidence'. It still took some time for it to dawn on me that this witness was in fact the lead detective working on the case. Anouska Mond's jaw-droppingly…