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  • It



    My review will describe my thoughts on the film by comparing this remake to the original film.  

    When comparing this remake to the original (like most people watching this film will be subconsciously or over consciously doing) it is clear to see that this remake is a better horror film than the first. Every aspect of the original film is improved upon but the most noticeable for me was the screenwriting. The story is written much clearer and since none…

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    The film takes a nice change in the DCU and this is a welcomed change to see. Instead of being a gloomy and dark superhero film Wonder Woman is full of hope and prosperity. Yet at the same time the film still manages to find time to put these darker tones and features into the film in a way that doesn't feel placed. This helps to alone the solo film in the DCU. The villain of the film managed to…