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  • These Encounters of Theirs

    These Encounters of Theirs


    Press Kit These Encounters of Theirs

    Twenty-seven years after From the Clouds to the Resistance, with These Encounters of Theirs, Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub have again created a work based on Italian author Cesare Pavese's Dialogues with Leucò.


    Why? Because:

    Myth is not something arbitrary, but a breeding-ground of symbols with a particular set of meanings with nothing else can express. When we evoke a proper name, a gesture, or a mythical wonder, we express…

  • The Enclosed Valley

    The Enclosed Valley


    Every shot (frame, image, light) of La Vallée close issues a roll of the dice, and casts into nothingness three-quarters of contemporary film—along with its directors of photography!

    In addition, Jean-Claude Rousseau wrote something wonderful: "Le Concert champêtre" (1980) is something entirely different from a screenplay of a découpage and has nothing to do with the history or experimental...avant-garde...or underground...cinema.

    Jean-Marie Straub
    January 8*