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  • The Little Stranger

    The Little Stranger


    Twice in the matter of two years Domhnall Gleeson has been the lead in a film which ends up getting stuck between a rock and a hard place..... Goodbye Christopher Robin got trapped between an audience looking for a cozy film probably shocked to find a real life story warts and all, while losing the cinephile audience because it looked too saccharine to their tastes in the ads.

    The Little Stranger meanwhile receives blowback from horror fans expecting much more…

  • Roma



    It's obviously a heartfelt, exceedingly personal film. That much is certain. And Yalitza Aparicio is absolutely ideal. and in its old-fashioned, black-and-white simplicity, it looks perfect. But Roma is an easier film to admire greatly rather than to love from the distance it projects from the rest of the characters in the film. You certainly know how Cleo feels, but many of the rest of the characters come across as ciphers. That said though, it is still a fascinating film…

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  • Ordinary People

    Ordinary People


    I was never really much of a fan of Raging Bull.... That film, often praised as the best of the 80s, struck me as an essentially hollow albeit sufficiently flashy film. I don't even consider it to be one of the 20 best films of its own year.

    Ordinary People, the film that won Best Picture instead in 1980 faces a different problem. Because of its win, there has been much hate directed toward it and the film undergoes heavy…

  • The Lonesome

    The Lonesome


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The Lonesome, the new short film by Douglas Reese, is a film in which the underlying message is quite strong, although is not quite tangible until one has finished viewing it. At first glance, the film seems little more than vignettes around a common theme, albeit interesting vignettes that feel real and organic, and very true to life. But the closing scenes of this film help to bring everything into focus.

    The Lonesome has to do with a would-be birthday…