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  • Pestonjee



    depicting the life of the miniscule community of parsis, we get a chamber drama of loneliness, jealousy around people. many secrets and unspoken things in this vision of beautiful houses, the small glances and the complex relationships — ak bir's camera moves around like magic and the production design is top-notch. naseerudin shah steals the show, with his expressions that impinge your mind moving away from a gloomy world trying to find happiness.

  • Too Old to Die Young

    Too Old to Die Young

    rewatched ep5 out of impulse

    NWR raging against the degradation and the corrupt -- refn sets his universe amidst a collapsing society in america, in neon alleyways, in desolate landscapes, and in hell.
    taking place somewhere b/w dream and reality — this is refn at his boldest, orchestrating every scene like a ballet master descending into something ominous, sinister and deadly. a ballad of self-destruction, betrayal, treachery, violence written in blood.

    quick note: the fool is one of the greatest along with ep8 of twin peaks: return

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  • Dil Se..

    Dil Se..


    pure poetry in motion, seamlessly traverses genres which leaves you astounded at his capability – every scene brims with raw, manic energy driven by obsessions, leaving you breathless – mani and santosh sivan will always remain one of the greatest working duos – in the end, are we seeing their love story alone or a prophecy of the future?

  • Super Deluxe

    Super Deluxe

    beneath the veil of pop culture references, and the trend of "hyperlink" narratives, is a pseudo-intellectual drivel about spirituality, the "existential crisis", and sexuality?! aaranya kaandam had a distinctive style to it, which announced the entry of a new talent– he basically takes that for granted, and the film is strewn with cringy monologues, hap hazard narratives, and the "forced" preaching– could've done with a better editor as the second half took forever to get over with– has some really interesting performances, and the color grading deserves special mention. as a whole, this was a very underwhelming watch, and the praise it's getting is unjustified.