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  • The Kid Who Would Be King

    The Kid Who Would Be King


    I don’t feel so old wearing a Led Zeppelin t shirt now. 

    Not a bad movie and a teenage take on King Arthur legend.

    Rebecca Ferguson as Morgana quite sexy

  • Destroyer



    Nicole Kidman looks like she hasn’t slept for a year for this amazing character performance of a troubled LA undercover cop. 

    Generally the story takes a while to get going with a flashback storyline from the present  to 17 years ago. Erin Bell (Kidman) as a young cop worked undercover with her partner/lover  Chris (Sebastian Stan) to infiltrate a bank robbery gang in California. When things go horribly wrong with a bank job  while working undercover Erin lives with remorse…

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    La La Land looks absolutely gorgeous on screen. Arguably the most spectacular visual film I've seen in some time.

    Everything from set designs, artistic designs, choreography and cinematography are superb.

    Loved the tribute to Rebel Without A Cause and the planetarium was lovely.

    John Legend really spoiled this from being perfect. Just made me cringe every time I saw him. I guess the classic musicals did have the likes Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole etc. John Legend is the…

  • It Follows

    It Follows


    As most people who have seen  It Follows can testify it's straight out JOHN CARPENTER particularly his film classic Halloween. The visual style and its soundtrack 
    Have simalarities.

    Story does have some originality and its nice to have a horror film similar to those from the 80's. Some very creepy scenes that make you feel cold and tense. It's a very good film but for me could have been improved with the very poor ending and at times boring in places