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  • Search and Destroy

    Search and Destroy


    William Fruet's films always give me the impression they were made by a British director. No difference with this pre-Rambo movie that brings the Vietnam war back home. Strangely enough back home to Niagara Falls on the border to Canada, where the waterfalls create a picturesque environment for several scenes.
    In a way, Search and Destroy has a better premise than the Stallone film - the Vietnam war veterans are also nothing more than trailer trash, but they still have…

  • Good News: Newspaper Salesmen, Dead Dogs and Other People from Vienna

    Good News: Newspaper Salesmen, Dead Dogs and Other People from Vienna


    Ulrich Seidl's first feature-length film has already all his trademarks: Going to the fringe of society, where the disillusioned people try to find a little bit of happiness amidst crushing economic pressures, showing the marginalized without comment or interrogation, contrasting the so-called centre of society with the fringes. And of course presenting people in static tableaus like animals in a habitat diorama.
    The concept presents raw, unfiltered footage and is always at eye level with its protagonists, making judgements only…

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  • The Evil Inside

    The Evil Inside

    They had all this money, they had access to all these amazing locations, and they came up with this? I don't know what is worse - the pseudointellectual content ("There is no proof of human evolution", err, yes, there is) or the annoyingly disinterested delivery by Italian actors who have difficulties memorizing the dialogue in English. After an hour we are still in the introduction and no evil in sight. Sigh.
    Now I want to watch Ghost shark again.

  • The Seventh Sign

    The Seventh Sign


    Seemingly, Mel Gibson has seen this film one too many times.

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  • Five Element Ninjas

    Five Element Ninjas


    Nothing I can add that hasn't been said already. Beautifully structured and an aesthetic tour de force, Five Element Ninjas shows that Chang Cheh's still got it even at the end of his career.

    Instead of a review just an observation - has CC seen Star Wars (1977) and used it as an inspiration? A training session with blindfolded students, just relying on their instincts. Enemies cut in half by swords, but their bodies disappear into thin air and only their clothes remain. If these elements are really borrowed from Lucas, then they are smoothly integrated into this magnificent film.

  • Her



    Just seen a veeery long mobile phone infomercial. Probably for Apple Inc. products, since it included Siri. But this is difficult to distinguish - all those telecommunication commercials have the same aesthetics. Lonely people in oversaturated or high key pictures pretend that they "communicate" with each other, but it is obvious that they don't have anything to say.

    After a while I noticed that it was not a commercial. Instead, I watched a Spike Jonze film, in which Joaquin Phoenix…