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  • The Scarehouse

    The Scarehouse

    This one was pretty rough unfortunately, which was a surprise given its polished nature. It's just so nasty! C'mon, I at least have to root for one of these mofo's, but THE SCAREHOUSE seemed incapable of creating an ounce of empathy for anyone.

    Great poster, intriguing idea, unpalatable execution.

  • The Dark Mile

    The Dark Mile


    This was great! Another addition to the VOD marketplace that deserves a home in physical media.

    It's a backwoods tale as only the Brits can tell it, with a young lesbian couple heading into the Scottish Highlands for a few days away.

    Flaunting their sexuality (how dare they!), they're quick to draw the attention of the locals, although with a whole raft of things going on in their personal lives, it rapidly becomes the holiday from hell.

    Deirdre Mullins and…

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  • The Last Horror Film

    The Last Horror Film


    “Give him more than two or three scenes, and frankly your tolerance level of Joe Spinell dries up. I don’t think he’s as annoying in this as he is in Maniac – a film he practically sinks, but there’s something whiny about his performance” Kim Newman

    My jaw hit the floor when Kim Newman gave this rather damning analysis of Joe Spinell’s acting abilities as he introduced The Last Horror Film as one of the Section 3 nasties within the…

  • The Mutilator

    The Mutilator


    Twenty years ago, if I would have dusted down my tattered old VHS of The Mutilator, and said to folks "Just you wait, in a couple of decades from now people will be restoring these old pieces of schlock and they'll be the glue that hold the niche aspect of the home entertainment industry together" - I would have likely been mercilessly mocked on a wild new invention called the internet.

    However, here we are, in 2016 with boutique labels…