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  • The Cat o' Nine Tails

    The Cat o' Nine Tails


    Dario Argentos second outing as Director doesn’t have as much of the visual flair of Bird with the Crystal Plumage, and the story is more disjointed. It doesn’t fall into place as nicely. 
    Still an enjoyable watch and I’m sure I’ll get more out of this with repeat viewing.

  • Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

    Friday the 13th: A New Beginning


    These are beginning to blend together now. The central conceit feels pretty contrived as a series of brutal murders, all with a similar MO to the titular Jason Vorhees, start up following the death of an annoying fat kid in a camp for troubled teens by one of his fellow camp residents.

    Pre zombie killing machine Jason, this just didn’t land for me. All the kills are cut aways, which feels unsatisfying. There is also a lot of nudity which…

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  • Mara



    For a film about staying awake, it has a great way of sending you to sleep. Dull, generic Ringu rip off with a wafer thin plot. Couldn’t wait for it to finish.

  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix


    It’s taken a bit of a critical bashing but this is by no means the worst film in the X-Men franchise. It’s a shame though that this will be the final outing for this iteration of the mutant team now that Disney has engulfed Fox into its bloated empire. It really deserved to go out in a massive bang, but instead exits with more of a pop.
    The X-Team start the film as glorified mutant Thunderbirds, acting like a rescue…