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  • Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

    Hannah Gadsby: Nanette


    This is exactly my kind of comedy, and I really don't care if you think it's not comedy.

  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


    Interesting experiment. Enjoyed the thematic depth they played with, and the choices was briefly interesting. They dealt with how to streamline branching options in a cool way, but no one plot line had a satisfying ending. I feel like I still haven't seen the "real" ending even though I've seen them all. They all feel like random brain fart ideas of how to end it without one that feels like it resolves any of the thematic ideas that it raises.…

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  • Warcraft



    It's got flaws, but I enjoyed it. If you like fantasy - give it a go, don't let the bad reviews put you off. If you have a gag reflex for magic, orcs and weird fantasy names that sound maliciously similar to each other, then stay as far away as possible.
    I think 75% of my problems with the movie stem from bad casting, and too much CGI.

  • Holding the Man

    Holding the Man


    This was honestly a unique movie going experience. It literally made everyone I saw in the theatre literally laugh out loud and cry multiple times. It's really taken us quite a long time to recover from it because it really is tragic, but it's only tragic because it managed to be so heart warming and funny for so long before hand.
    But it was actually right after the movie that nearly made me lose it the most. We watched the…