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  • The Head Hunter

    The Head Hunter


    A grim and bleak look at revenge through a Dark Souls/Skyrim lense.

    One of the more effective horror films to come along in a while, The Head Hunter, despite its low budget aims high and succeeds thanks to some clever filmmaking. Downright nasty, this needs to be seen.

  • Full Metal Jacket

    Full Metal Jacket


    Fun Fact: Both halves are great it's just that children lose interest when a man isn't screaming in their face.

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  • Aladdin



    I kind of loved this. It's a big and brash musical that's full of fun and color. The leads are fantastic, Jafar is super evil, and I don't think I've ever seen Will Smith have this much fun.

    Effects can get shaky but whatever, I'm here for the music and it's damn good. Classic Disney songs updated with some great performances. Ritchie does a good job with his first musical and utilizes his trademark slow motion freeze frame during a…

  • Superman



    A wonder! This is one of the most pure comic book films and I love so much about it.

    From Reeve's perfect portrayal of the Man of Steel to everyone in the supporting cast, this movie just soars about most in the genre. Donner crafted a big budget superhero epic and the love is just on screen for all to see. There's a reverence for the source that's hard to beat. 

    Definitely an all-timer and if watched as a double feature with the Donner Cut of Superman 2, it's one of the best cape stories ever put on celluloid.

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  • Catwoman



    Well that certainly was a movie.

  • Logan



    Tremendous. An astonishing, heartbreaking achievement by all involved. Logan is the real deal and the standard by which all other comic book films should strive.