Black Mirror Episodes: Ranked

I'm fairly new on this site and this is my first list here ever. Just thought I'd share my favourite Black Mirror episodes in order of my own personal enjoyment. It's quite telling that episodes with relatively more hopeful endings place higher on my list.

Read the notes for my thoughts on each episode.

  • Black Mirror: San Junipero

    1.Black Mirror: San Junipero

    Dripping with 80s nostalgia, a saccharine love story with the most hopeful ending in the entire show. Maybe the unstoppable march of technology isn't such a bad thing after all?

  • Black Mirror: The Entire History of You

    2.Black Mirror: The Entire History of You

    One of the best premises in the entire show. Now that Black Mirror has become so popular, former plans to develop this into a feature-length film will probably be put on hold forever.

  • Black Mirror: Hang the DJ

    3.Black Mirror: Hang the DJ

    Another one with a hopeful ending where technology actually improves the lives of those involved.

  • Black Mirror: USS Callister

    4.Black Mirror: USS Callister

    Filled to the brim with Star Trek homages and callbacks, a prime contender for most fun episode in the entire show. Also my favourite ensemble cast of any Black Mirror episode.

  • Black Mirror: Nosedive

    5.Black Mirror: Nosedive

    I absolutely love Bryce Dallas Howard in this.

    It's eerie how it kinda predicted the Chinese social credit system almost three years before it was officially announced.

  • Black Mirror: Fifteen Million Merits

    6.Black Mirror: Fifteen Million Merits

    Even though he had been acting for several years before, I love that this is the property that introduced the world to Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out, Black Panther ).

  • Black Mirror: White Christmas

    7.Black Mirror: White Christmas

    Still not sure if I really buy into copies of people's consciousness being actual people. Jon Hamm (Mad Men) is great as usual in this one

  • Black Mirror: Be Right Back

    8.Black Mirror: Be Right Back

    One of Charlie Brooker's favourite episodes. Criminally underlooked by most fans. Dohmnall Gleeson (Ex Machina) and Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter) should work together more often.

  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
  • Black Mirror: Metalhead

    10.Black Mirror: Metalhead

    One of the simplest premises for a Black Mirror episode. Found the noirish aspects of the episode quite enjoyable though.

  • Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too
  • Black Mirror: White Bear

    12.Black Mirror: White Bear

    The notes for this film reportedly contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Seems kinda ludicrous to devote that many resources to punishing one person for all eternity. Still, it was a blast unravelling the mystery of what was actually going on in the episode.

  • Black Mirror: Smithereens
  • Black Mirror: The National Anthem

    14.Black Mirror: The National Anthem

    The very first Black Mirror episode ever. Some might find what happens at the end too offputting... I don't.

    Holds a special place in my heart since it introduced me to the madness of Black Mirror all those years ago, before it got cancelled in the UK then subsequently saved and brought to the States by Netflix.

  • Black Mirror: Playtest

    15.Black Mirror: Playtest

    Found this one a bit too predictable but still enjoyed the atmospheric horror elements.

  • Black Mirror: Crocodile

    16.Black Mirror: Crocodile

    A true comedy of errors with one bad decision leading to an ever-worsening cascade of mishaps and murders.

  • Black Mirror: Striking Vipers

    17.Black Mirror: Striking Vipers


    The notes for this film reportedly contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Takes the "is it gay?" question and turns it into an entire feature-length episode, and yet, still doesn't do much with the premise. Like maybe, how the possibility of virtual sex transcending gender and/or physical limitations would radically & irrevocably alter society on an unprecedented scale.
    How could his wife (and most of the characters in the episode, for that matter) be completely oblivious to the existence of this earth-shattering technology in the first place?

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  • Black Mirror: The Waldo Moment

    18.Black Mirror: The Waldo Moment

    Ah, 2013...Back when people thought a racist cartoon figure getting elected President could only happen in a satirical dystopian show.

  • Black Mirror: Shut Up and Dance

    19.Black Mirror: Shut Up and Dance

    Moral of the Story: Always use NordVPN when you do your shady stuff online.

  • Black Mirror: Black Museum

    20.Black Mirror: Black Museum

    Felt like the B-side of a greatest hits album.

  • Black Mirror: Men Against Fire

    21.Black Mirror: Men Against Fire

    Didn't quite jive with me.

  • Black Mirror: Arkangel

    22.Black Mirror: Arkangel

    Dumb parent does dumb things to kid.

    Interesting tidbit: This episode was directed by Jodie Foster (Silence of the Lambs)

  • Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation

    23.Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation

    Fell asleep multiple times watching this one. Couldn't bring myself to rewatch it.