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  • Darkman



    There is so much about this movie that feels like Sam Raimi wanting to do Batman. The story isn't really that interesting, it's a classic bad guy and vigilante story but the fun things are the little Raimi moments that are clearly a director having fun. Those things are the best part of the movie, and the music is good too.

  • Anima



    I sorta wish Thom Yorke hasn't made it as big as he did. I loved the first 4 albums of Radiohead and wish he was still a little more grounded in his music. I don't hate experimental music but I so loved Yorke's earlier work and wish he would make stuff like that again. Kid A was groundbreaking and at this point it feels like he keeps doing the same thing over and over and now we're at Kid M.…

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  • One Piece Film: Strong World

    One Piece Film: Strong World


    I think the people in charge of One Piece movies finally understood that to make a good One Piece movie you needed Oda to be in charge. With Oda writing this movie it gave it the authenticity that the One Piece movies have desperately been needing. This is so far my favorite One Piece film.

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I hated this film.


    I've been deciding between giving this 1.5 or just .5 because I did like the first 20 minutes or so. The Walking on Sunshine bit was fun, the sweating while talking about card stock was interesting.

    Then the movie devolves into an utter vile mess. Just murder for the sake of murder. Like hey, you know what's cool? Murder. It's gross and there feels like little reason for it beyond just trying to…