LOOKING AHEAD: Anticipated 2019 Releases

(rough order/gets sloppy after the initial 100)

Not on LB database:

-Shin Ultraman, Hideaki Anno
-Untitled Project, Anna Rose Holmer
-"Nobody Likes Me", Petr Kazda, Tomás Weinreb
-Untitled Project, Rachel Morrison
-"Alfonso's Smile", João Pedro Rodrigues
-"The Perfumed Hill", Abderrahmane Sissako
-"The Worst Person in the World", Joachim Trier

*2020 releases being added in intervals to the back end


-"Hue 1968" (Michael Mann, FX, ????)
-“Tong Wars” (Wong Kar-Wai, AMAZON, 2020?)
-"Watchmen" (Damon Lindelof, HBO, 2019)
-"The Plot Against America" (David Simon, HBO, 2020?)
-"The Underground Railroad"(Barry Jenkins, AMAZON, 2020?)
-"Devs" (Alex Garland, FX, 2019)
-"Cowboy Bebop" (NETFLIX, 2020?)

There are no films in this list released in the 1900s.