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    Lacks the transcendent gory wit of Aja's reigning masterpiece, Piranha 3D, but there's still a lot to love. The reduction of a single-family home into an arena for set pieces is carried off with astounding efficiency and just enough attention to mood, staging, and space that it feels like there was an earnest desire to make something effective, not just functional. The CGI gators rarely persuade as objects in the same reality as the human actors, but they're well-animated with…

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    It suffers from being so very easy to directly compare it to Piranha, also written by John Sayles, the best & smartest & wittiest of all the innumerable Jaws knock-offs, and find it lacking in pretty much every respect. But this does plenty to end up in the top tier of Jaws knock-offs in its own right. Robert Forster's resigned, balding cop is a fine hero for the film's kind of schlubby, working class attitude, and Robin Riker makes for one of…

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    So first, I can't imagine how damn stupid you'd have to be to think you could get away with telling this story this way without getting life rights from the survivors, or heavily anonymising the details, or ideally both.

    Let's say you've decided not to care about any of that. That still leaves the question of what reason there is to tell this story. What is the viewer supposed to get from this? Is it just to grind our faces…

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    What? No. Absolutely fucking not. What the shit is wrong with you?