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  • Child's Play

    Child's Play


    2019 Ranked

    Was it just me or was this a great horror remake? The Child’s Play franchise isn’t my favourite slasher series (that honor would go to Nightmare on Elm Street) but I absolutely loved this one. I liked it more than the original.

    Mark Hamill was great, I think I liked him more than Brad Dourif. I thought it was better directed than the original. The kills were incredibly entertaining. That Tupac line was hilarious. 

    Overall I just had so much fun with this film.

  • The Big Sleep

    The Big Sleep


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    Howard Hawks Ranked

    Howard Hawks is one of my favourite classic directors so I am not surprised that this is one of the best film-noirs I’ve seen. 

    William Faulkner delivers an outstanding screenplay, marvellously acted out by Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and the rest of the cast.

    The Big Sleep is famous for being extremely hard to follow but I think I did a decent enough job keeping up.

    I didn’t like this quite as much as Rio Bravo or His Girl Friday but 3rd Place isn’t bad.

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