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  • The Death & Life of John F. Donovan

    The Death & Life of John F. Donovan


    xavier dolan i love you but i was expecting to like this a lot more than i actually did, im kind of disappointed

  • Dora and the Lost City of Gold

    Dora and the Lost City of Gold


    I might be biased because i’m latinx but growing up as a latinx kid i never got to see a film where the cast was 90% latinx so it’s nice to see a film like this, eugenio derbez is so fucking amazing and i love how he’s currently making it so big in hollywood while also trying to represent méxico.
    I know this isn’t a masterpiece but it’s fun, it’s cute and it’s entertaining, isabela moner is literally a star…

  • The Normal Heart

    The Normal Heart


    i love mark ruffalo, matt bomer, jonathan groff, crying and being gay

  • Can You Keep a Secret?

    Can You Keep a Secret?


    damn tyler hoechlin is so fine and he somehow keeps getting more attractive as he ages

  • I Feel Pretty

    I Feel Pretty


    this film is so realistic, i really wish i could just throw a coin on a fountain and wake up one day with that kind of confidence

  • Tall Girl

    Tall Girl

    griffin gluck’s back must hurt from carrying this entire film on his back, this is seriously the worst netflix film i’ve seen in a long time, most of the scenes gave me secondhand embarrassment, griffin deserves so much better after netflix did him dirty by cancelling american vandal, i dont care if it’s been a year i still want justice for sam ecklund and peter maldonando

  • Maid in Manhattan

    Maid in Manhattan


    jennifer lopez adopt me challenge

  • We Need to Talk About Kevin

    We Need to Talk About Kevin


    well fuck i had no idea what this was about when i hit play and now im just... in shock

  • Paradise Hills

    Paradise Hills


    the production design and the costumes are literally so fucking beautiful and so visually stunning but you just can’t get awkwafina, milla jovovich, eiza gonzález and jeremy irvine with the best production design and then make a film this boring, i wish i would’ve liked this more than i did

  • The Angry Birds Movie 2

    The Angry Birds Movie 2


    this was so cute and i think it was way better than the first one, it made me miss those days in middle school when i used to play angry birds on my ipod in recess and in classes without the teachers noticing

  • Meet the Robinsons

    Meet the Robinsons


    i love disney channel so much for playing this, it will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my favorite disney films of all time, it’s so underrated and it was ahead of its time, also wilbur robinson used to make my kid self feel things so i guess he was my gay awakening thank you wilbur robinson

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    this is the best comedy film of all time but the letterboxd community isn’t ready for that conversation, the cinematography, the dialogue and the plot twists are just so fucking iconic, no other film can top this