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  • The Last Detail

    The Last Detail


    Film School Drop Outs Weekly Challenge
    Week 29 - Writer - Robert Towne


    Hal Ashby has such a great handle on his films, I love that within the first five minutes our entire premise is outlined, thus giving him the leeway later to linger on smaller moments that the trio find themselves later encountering along the trip. The editing is phenomenal and I particularly loved the way the night spent drinking at the motel was edited and prolonged,…

  • The Passenger

    The Passenger


    Film School Drop Outs Weekly Challenge
    Week 28 - Producer - Carlo Ponti

    "Do you believe in coincidence? I never used to notice it, but now I see it all around"

    A visual display for sure but a significant lack of getting the viewer to care about the situation at hand ultimately leads me to feel as isolated as Nicholson's David Locke. It's a masterclass on how to move the camera effectively and the film features lots of breathtaking…

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  • Nosferatu the Vampyre

    Nosferatu the Vampyre


    Film #1/42
    Hoop-tober 5.0

    What a stunning film from Herzog, the best vampire film I have seen, and a satisfying blend of philosophical wonderings, with great pauses in plays allowing full momentum of each powerful line, shadows that out-duel the original (rightfully so given technological advances) and a mood that keeps you in dread from the opening. Kinski's body movement and specifically his hand gestures (as well as his jump to acceleration when throwing the chair in the dinner…

  • A Man Escaped

    A Man Escaped


    Film School Drop Outs Weekly Challenge
    Week 24 - Custom - Auteur - Robert Bresson (tough time finding a Demy film in english!)

    "If my mother could see me now!"

    An escape film about....escape! Gee, what do you know. But seriously, Bresson creates a film ENITRELY about the process of thinking in prison, coming up with an escape plan and then executing it. Zero fluff and with an extremely minimal take, the whole thing has a gritty, realistic flair…