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  • Tracker



    I watched this film as part of my continuing study of Westerns to prepare to make 12 Westerns in 12 Months during 2020.

    This film had a lot of promise, mostly in the form of Ray Winstone, an underrated actor with the weight to carry any picture. But this is not The Proposition. And it's not The Tracker, Rolf de Heer's brilliant and overlooked Western either, though it makes a mistake of using a similar title. This is far from…

  • Serenity


    I tried... but I didn't finish so I can't give this a rating. It starts out as an interesting noir variation but when that camera started inexplicably swirling around the talent, I thought to myself, "Steven, where is the filmmaker who made Hummingbird and wrote Eastern Promises?"

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  • Mute



    The critics are wrong about this movie. Dead wrong.

    What the hell are they seeing (or not seeing) in Mute? The film is original, full of exciting and complex characters, and thought-provoking. I believe they went in with misguided expectations and a very narrow-minded perspective on the movie. Perhaps they were excepting Blade Runner (which Mute was described to be a riff-on for years) and though Mute belongs in a similar universe as the latter, it is very different. Though…

  • Rough Riders

    Rough Riders


    This film is often crude and clumsy... and I love it.

    What I mean by crude is that compared to the polished, sophisticated cinema we see on a regular basis, both in the commercial and "art" categories, John Milius has given us the equivalent of a caveman painting. It is not refined or cultivated and for that very reason feels so fresh and good to watch.

    By clumsy, I mean that the movie is often flawed, mostly because it is…