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  • The Valley of Gwangi

    The Valley of Gwangi


    A fun little mashup piting old west types against some adorable stop-motion retrosaurs. Plot basically follows the King Kong/Lost World formula, but it feels far less adventurous and exciting than it could have been. The build up to the dinosaurs is a bit tedious, and they make no real effort to make the titular valley feel mysterious or special in any way (like, say, Skull Island). 

    The selling points are the Ray Harryhausen effects, which are great. The only thing…

  • Religulous



    Bill Maher’s regular anti-religious schtick for a couple of hours. Probably my favorite atheist “documentary” even if it doesn’t present anything new. The film visits almost every major religion; poking fun at each and trolling their believers a bit. Maher makes some decent points, and he can be brutal with these people. It’s a bit antiquated at this point, not to mention alarmist, but I still find it worth my while and recommend it all the time.

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  • Atlantis: the Lost Continent

    Atlantis: the Lost Continent


    Cute and interesting, but pretty forgettable. More of a sci-fi film than I expected, but that didn’t help it much. Had some religious undertones that I don’t know I enjoyed. Liked watching an Ancient Greece/mythology movie that isn’t your average swords and sandals adventure, but it’s kinda bland. Visuals were hit or miss; some miniatures and sets were adorable, but most of the movie just looks cheap. Probably won’t remember watching this one in a week.

  • Just Visiting

    Just Visiting


    “I will shit easy tomorrow.”

    Watched this film a million times as a kid so I don’t know if this is just nostalgia speaking, but I enjoyed this one quite a bit. It’s a boilerplate comedy with some fun genre-blending stuff that saves it from complete mediocrity. The fish out of water humor is where the movie shines; I enjoyed most of that straight. Was legitimately laughing out loud at a lot of the jokes, which surprised me. Felt pretty bland otherwise, though, and very timely. Should check out the French original, it’s probably better.