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  • Accident Man

    Accident Man


    In this movie well the title says it all really. But anyways this is over the top action thriller starring Scott Adkins who is an assassin who makes his marks look like accidents. It's a fun action popcorn flick!! Good performances all around along with directing. I reccomend that you watch it!!

  • Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary


    In this remake of Stephen King's classic novel Pet Sematary we find ourselves in a contemporary setting and a twist upon the original 1989 version. Upon which I do not recall watching before but will watch since I have watched this one first. Overall good performances along with directing. I reccomend that you watch it!!

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  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    In this follow up from the Aftermath of the events that took place in Avengers Infinity war and End game. We catch up with Peter wanting to be a normal high school kid but that is soon changed with the entrance of Mysterio thwarting off elementals as Peter is on vacation and doesn't want to don his Spider man costume but he struggles with his friends and being a superhero. Now all the performances by the cast are good along with the directing. I highly recommend that you watch it!!

  • 300



    In Zack Snyder's follow up from Dawn of the dead remake. He decides to adapt Frank Miller's graphic novel into a film based upon the old Greek tales. Now this would cement Zack Snyder's style for the rest of his career up till present. With his slow mo techiques and vibrant colorful graphical iconic imagery. Also style over substance with his character driven pieces. Now overall good performances along with the directing. I do reccomend that you watch it if you haven't already!!