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  • Crank


    I had no idea it was possible for a movie to be so horribly awful that I actually ended up enjoying the experience because I was laughing the entire time. 
    The camerawork is easily some of the worst I’ve ever seen, with constant whip pans, fast zooms, over reliance on shaky cam, and a ton of awkward angles and supremely gross filters that make it feel like a cross between a shitty 2000s TV show and one of those nasty…

  • Stuber



    It’s almost hard to describe how mediocre this movie is. It has a great unique modern concept that’s let down by an awful story and painfully underwhelming emotional beats and characters that have potential that’s never reached. All the best moments are in the trailer, and though I got a few laughs out of the first half, the overall pacing, awkward tonal shifts and crappy, shaky cam saturated camerawork made this a super disappointing experience. The only saving grace is…

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  • Yesterday



    I don’t went into Yesterday with incredibly low expectations. Almost everyone I know has rated it 2-3 stars, so I thought there must be some pretty blatant errors in the filmmaking, acting or script that I’d catch right away. As the movie went on and I started enjoying it more and more, I realized that this is the kind of film that really appeals to me and it far surpassed those piddling expectations in almost every category. 

    The first aspect…

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    I just saw the world premiere for Ready Player One, and as soon as I got home I made a full, spoiler-free review on my YouTube channel, Tucker Hazell.
    It's now past 1:30 AM for me, so a review on here might not happen for a bit. Check out the review on my Youtube channel though!