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  • High Life

    High Life


    For me this one occupied an uncomfortable place between communicating worldly ideas through science fiction and emotional sketches through cinematography; too grounded to go deep into the dreaminess I hope for (from a 'proper' Denis film, which I admit is a personal and seemingly obsolete concept now) but not paying enough attention to its own story to be satisfying in that respect either. Then add the layer of simply not being able to understand a good portion of the spoken…

  • Four Lions

    Four Lions


    'What does your heart say?'

    'It says it's wrong Waj, don't do it.'

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  • V/H/S



    V/H/S opens with the best short of the bunch ('Amateur Night' from director David Bruckner) but soon afterwards this thrill ride slows to a halt in Snoresville, and decides to stay there until the effective finale, at which point the Radio Silence boys show up with an amusing tech demo.

    Also, I'm not usually one to pick on people, and I haven't seen anything else he has made so perhaps this is harsh, but if Glenn McQuaid never touches a camera ever again it'll be too soon. Jesus.

  • Nymphomaniac



    Oh, Lars!