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  • Ben Is Back

    Ben Is Back


    Welcome to, Kathy's Korner! It's where my mom watches a movie and then talks to me about it!

    Mom: I love a good movie that's gonna make me cry. Love it. As a mom, every mom's worst nightmare, her child being on drugs. Joseph you swear, on my life, your life, never, on nanny's grave, never, please promise me-

    Me: yeah of course-

    Mom: if you think you're going to even, you tell me before and I'll put you in…

  • Free Solo

    Free Solo

    Honestly Shallow would also work pretty well as the original song for this movie too. But instead of being about water, it's about rocks.

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  • Nightcrawler


    It's really fun to fill in job applications as Lou Bloom. Here's Lou Bloom applying to Target.

    Name: Lou Bloom
    Address: 110 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046
    Phone Number: (323) 969-8760

    What kind of position are you interested in?

    I don't want to put myself in a corner by saying only one position. I am sure I can perform all of your available jobs with great confidence and ease. My experience and skill in the workforce will…

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Again these ratings aren't a reflection of my thoughts, but my mom's, on the latest Kathy's Korner where we watch a movie and talk about it later. She just watched and hated Eternal Sunshine

    Mom: Bizarre. I-I've never done LSD but I thought i was on it. I was probably tripping heroin or something, i'm stuttering I can't understand what I saw. What's scarier is my son thinks is one of his favorite movies. I don't know who needs a…