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  • Kadhala Kadhala

    Kadhala Kadhala


    I am surely going to miss the magic of Crazy Mohan's inimitable one liners. This delightful screwball gem is briskly paced, has some wonderful characters especially M. S. Viswanathan, the mythological portions are a hoot. Worth a watch.

  • Jeans



    Holy moly! I have seen plenty of films about twins but this was utter drivel, easily Shankar's worst film ever. Preposterous title, ludicrous plot and asinine performances. This film was obviously made so that the lead pair could sing with famous monuments in the background. Yuck.

    P.s - thank God for the soundtrack and Aishwariya does look stunning though( especially in the songs).

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  • Her



    Dear Spike Jonze,

    At this precise moment,i cannot find the superlatives to tell you what i just witnessed right before my eyes,its the third time in a row i have seen you deliver a movie which is indescribable...We all live in a world where technology is moving at a rapid pace it is scary at times..who knows what the future will bring upon us...what makes you delve into the human psyche and penetrate our deepest emotions and feelings like no…

  • Interstellar



    Dear Christopher Nolan,

    I just saw your latest movie...You have literally made my jaws drop in awe...Delving into various themes like life in the cosmos,father daughter bondage,environmental aspects you have left me stunned...The Special effects were simply out of this world...It's never easy to make such a challenging film like this..Believe me,i myself had undergone so many hurdles while making i know how you must have felt...Special Kudos to the entire cast for giving authentic heart wrenching moments to…