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  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    What I went to watch in 2019 - Film #35

    Rather cynically I went into this not expecting much given how I thought the last film capped off the franchise perfectly. However unlike a lot of recent mainstream sequels this actually has some heart behind it and is really rather touching. This is undoubtedly Woody's story here and oh my word I wasn't expecting it to be so emotional. Most of the gang are relegated to bit parts and Buzz is sadly reduced merely to comic relief. But it's a perfect and dare I say necessary finale to the franchise.

  • Sharknado



    2019 Cult Movie Challenge - Belated Week 25

    Absolute garbage but the last 20 minutes were just so batshit insane it made up for it!

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  • Next Gen

    Next Gen



    From the promo on the homepage of Netflix I assumed this would be a mediocre Big Hero 6 rip off. Hot damn I was wrong. It hits a lot of the same beats but is surprisingly mature in its storytelling. The animation and overall aesthetic was just sublime! I love the chemistry between the lead characters as well and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't blubbing towards the end. I went in expecting a campy mess but this flick packs one hell of an emotional gut punch.

  • Contagion



    Geez this gave me the creepy crawlies. Really effective premise and I loved how we didn't follow just one character we're jumping all over the place. None of the cast really get to shine but they play their parts just fine! Soderbergh is slowly becoming one of my favourites directors I swear to god.