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  • Brooklyn



    Way better than expected. Reminded me alot of the more domestic John Ford's.

  • The Dion Brothers

    The Dion Brothers


    Cowritten by Terry Malick, they say. Based on the way people fuck off from their jobs to become ill-fated criminals it seems accurate.

  • Hardware



    Classic early-Weinstein sleaze

  • Freejack



    A cyberpunk Mick Jagger Chases Emilio Estevez through the streets of New York in an attempt to use his body as a vessel for the soul of a sickly corporate Anthony Hopkins.

  • House of Wax

    House of Wax

    I remember the uproarious cheers echoing through the theatre when wax dude phallanxed Paris Hilton

  • Local Hero

    Local Hero


    Charming. Great location shots

  • Coco



    Even the afterlife as slums. The only way to escape into oblivion is to have everyone on earth forget you.

  • Effi Briest

    Effi Briest


    Really excruciating line reading. Conceptually it sounds interesting but just not enjoyable at all.

  • The Meetings of Anna

    The Meetings of Anna


    Weird to watch because I went on almost the exact same train ride about 8 years ago.

  • News from Home

    News from Home


    Requires the viewer to buy into Ackerman's loneliness, which is fairly self-indulgent. that being said it's easy to do that because it's pretty relatable. The echoing words of distant family and soulless, daydreaming urbanites. Pretty much nails the feeling of being alone in a new city. Although when I think of how little she seemed to care about people genuinely trying to connect with her in Meetings of Anna I want to say this is self-imposed loneliness, and thus even more self-indulgent. Kind of mean to her mom too, seems like a nice lady.

  • Kafka



    I can almost see what this was going for... Trying to show Kafka's stories as a product of his environment, escaping this reality through his work. But definitely feels off, maybe needs a recut or something.

  • The Scent of Green Papaya

    The Scent of Green Papaya

    The joy of woman's work. Weird to see right after visiting the Hanoi Women's Museum, which was more or less propaganda. Not sure if the same is true for this film.