Anti-Cinema ★★★★½


One of the most brilliantly intense, overstimulating experiences I've ever had watching a film, in the greatest way imaginable. This 5-minute, unbelievably well-edited short is super funny, and really thrives with the director's clear artistic voice and style. This is infectiously loveable, a little C-Movie that's so self-aware that it becomes the pinacle A-Movie of C-Movies. It's the ultimate deconstructionist short film experience. I absolutely love whatever the hell I just watched. The 8-bit-style music was fantastic, and with the great framing, the sequence at 3:30 actually evoked deep memories of classic GBA Pokémon battles, which I think was the definite intention.

The story makes as much/little sense as it's intended to, and everything you need to know is presented more clearly than so many films are able to do in a full 120 minute runtime. This is just incredible, from start to finish. If any film has ever done justice to the ethos of Grant Morrison, this might be it.

Hot damn son, just check this out NOW.

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