Brazil ★★★★

Film Lads Film Club #1
Film choice: Mine

Great movie, but it's a bit… sour.

I love the music, and of course the iconic and influential production design. After all, Brazil's biggest contribution to the world are those giant, gorgeous, claustrophobically industrial sets, along with everything else Gilliam did to create the universe. I also enjoyed the Casablanca references. It's weird to review this right after Harry Met Sally, thinking about how Casablanca informed two films that are so wildly different.

I felt that the romance and overall story were a bit distant and cold. I get that maybe that's the point, but it just felt unengaging for me. Also, it seemed a bit overlong and overstuffed in my opinion, although the characters, themes and humor keep it chugging along nicely. (Love that DeNiro cameo! Truly legendary.) So while I like the film intellectually and visually, I don't love it emotionally and that makes it a bit difficult for me, personally. Still, a very creative, very haunting warning that remains regretfully resonant today. Kafka and Orwell would be proud.