Mothra ★★★½

Great filmmaking, but sadly not a great movie. Honda is a fantastic director, as always. There's one sequence in particular that's really nice, a transition from a theater stage to a night sea, that's breathtakingly beautiful. The rest of the film is mostly nice to watch and listen to, the music and visual effects are great, the acting is decent, the human drama is compelling enough, everything is alright. It's really well made. I liked the silly caricature of America they threw in.

But there's nothing big you can really love about this movie, at least nothing that Mothra vs. Godzilla wouldn't do vastly better just a few years later. And storywise, it's simply just not interesting. Mothra is basically King Kong, if the giant gorilla was a giant worm. Great effects and miniatures, really innovative blue screen, but nothing really makes this film stand out as uniquely as Mothra deserved it to. Surprisingly happy ending for a monster movie, though.

Just watch Mothra vs. Godzilla instead.

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