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  • Beautiful Boy

    Beautiful Boy


    Vprento’s 2018 Movies: Best to Worst

    Holy shit...
    I often talk about poor editing that usually goes hand in hand with poor pacing, but "Beautiful Boy" brings something truly perplexing to the table. It's been a while (I'm talking years) since I've seen such an appallingly edited film, especially during the majority of the first two acts.

    The countless flashbacks that serve no thematic purpose instead of providing some kind of backstory definitely kill the pacing of the movie and…

  • Burning



    Vprento’s 2018 Movies: Best to Worst

    "Burning" is a strange movie and the almost universal praise it has received is even stranger for me. It starts out strong and there are tons of symbolisms and metaphors used, but I'm not sure they're worth it by the end of its bloated 150 minute run-time.

    It's a well-thought-out movie and Lee Chang-dong's direction is on-point, but it's way too aimless for me, even more so when you consider its run-time. Ambiguity can…

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