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  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    THE FAREWELL is as good as you’ve heard. A deceptively simple, bittersweet story told with absolute beauty and mastery. It may not be life altering for some of you, but for others this will cut *deep*. Ain’t seen this many people cry in the theater since LION with Dev Patel.

    I’ve been vocal with my criticisms of Awkwafina’s Black Voice; her performance in THE FAREWELL adds a new angle to it as a woman struggling with cultural identity. You can consider this in reappraisal, or recognize yet another person garnering success off of black culture. I think both are valid choices.

  • The Art of Self-Defense

    The Art of Self-Defense


    Loved THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE, it feels like if the Coen Bros. made NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. Salient points about toxic masculinity made in all it’s awkward dialogue. I was impressed with the levels of forthright, corrupt, & ambiguous morality at play, no simple soapbox.

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  • Booksmart



    I hated this.
    I read some really negative reviews calling it "toothless" with dialogue written by a Woke Robot, but I figured it was probably just salty old people.I found BOOKSMART to be genuinely obnoxious, and I this is coming from someone who liked/could endure ASSASSINATION NATION and SPRING BREAKERS.

    I figured a young lesbian raunchy teenage comedy would flip the script, but it just felt like ANIMAL HOUSE for cunty white women, where instead of addressing problematic things it…

  • Bodied



    *Important Message From A Black Person*

    BODIED is great! Lots of fun, especially once it gets to the end. To paraphrase my man @AllNewDom, get ready for SCOTT PILGRIM VS 8 MILE

    But for all y’all white critics saying how it’s an earth shattering revelation: 

    Calm The Fuck Down

    I swear, reading some of the responses/reviews from white people about BODIED reveals 2 things: They either have such a hard-on to smash “PC culture” that they’ll regale this as the…