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  • Rocketman



    ‪Rocketman is a true spectacle. Everything this movie could’ve been. Even though I wish it was longer, it still does a phenomenal job at telling the story and making you feel everything you have to feel. It truly was a beautiful film, ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.‬

  • Aladdin



    As a huge fan of the original, I felt like there was a huge disrespect to the legacy that it left. 
    There are many things added to the story to make it a 2 hour movie, most of it does not work. Jasmine’s characater is changed a bit for plot purposes and it is one of the only good changes to the story.
    Will Smith has a strong inteoduction as the genie only to go down from there as the…

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  • Ralph Breaks the Internet

    Ralph Breaks the Internet


    Disney sequels are known to be...well, not good. 
    2012’s “Wreck-It-Ralph” was a success that surprisingly did not get a sequel for years. 6 years down Disney-Lane, they finally released the long-awaited sequel, tackling the internet now instead of just an arcade game place, and I have to say it delivered. 
    As a sequel, it does its job of expanding the world pretty good and it also expands on its characters pretty well. 
    The animation is pretty good, jokes...some land and…

  • Shame



    What does it mean to have an addiction? And what happens when you let that addiction take a hold of you?
    Steve McQueen’s “Shame” explores that and much more in this incredible drama that showcases Brandon (Michael Fassbender) as he battles his addiction: sex. 
    A film like this is hard to come by. One that speaks so honestly and truthfully about feelings like this one or events like these ones.
    McQueen takles an incredibly controversial topic in his sophomore film…