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  • Possum



    I would call it a brilliant allegory for the spectre and cycle of abuse, but it's not really allegory if the subtext becomes text. Still, it well earns its jump scares with some of the most perfectly distilled nightmare fuel I've seen in quite some time. Slow and atmospheric, but definitely worth the watch if you're prepared for the subject matter.

  • Free Fire

    Free Fire


    This squibtastic take on The Pardoner's Tale delivers some genuine laughs but gets pretty tiresome about three quarters of the way through and fails to close the deal, so to speak.

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  • Roar



    The ultimate in catsploitation, though the elephants hold their own. I won't waste your time with the background behind the making of this film as that is a story of its own (and a DVD extra worth watching).

    What we do have is The Exorcist producer Noel Marshall's one turn behind the camera, and if this is any indication, with good reason, as this looks beyond dangerous for all involved, behind the scenes or in them. Marshall was passionate about…

  • The Raiders of Atlantis

    The Raiders of Atlantis


    I have an admitted fondness for these 1980s exploitation films that just took a bunch of hot tropes of the time and threw them all into one film as if the desperate filmmakers might never get another chance. I'm painfully aware that this was usually motivated by shamelessly cashing in on trends, but just like chicken and waffles, unlikely combinations sometimes produce striking results.

    Such is the case with The Raiders of Atlantis (aka a whole host of other names).…