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  • Shazam!



    Shazam! could end up being one of the biggest surprises of 2019, but given how strong the conceptual foundations it’s working from are, this could never have gone too far wrong by sticking to what best works about the character and approach. As funny, modest and well performed as the film ends up being, what lingers is the warmth of the heart at its centre.

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  • The Kid Who Would Be King

    The Kid Who Would Be King


    The Kid Who Would Be King might be looked over by much of today’s more jaded audience members, but the fact that this modestly budgeted fantast adventure managed to make it into cinemas this wide in this day and age is something worth celebrating and routing for. It’s an absolutely terrific kids fantasy and adventure film that’s unashamedly proud of being just that.

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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    It's long and bloated and incredibly callous with its own internal logic and structure but it's kind of glorious selfcelebratory nonsense to such a degree that alot of it by the end really didn't bother me due to the sheer number of "FUCK YEAH" moments throughout the final hour or so. Very funny, very moving, occasionally shocking but always silly and fun. Fanservice done right.

  • Hellboy



    This film gave me a migraine. Congratulations...


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  • The Babadook

    The Babadook


    The film sustains anxiety in the unknown, and the film has many genuinely frightening and unsettling moments throughout thanks to incredible editing and sound design. While not every element of the film fits together perfectly, they are very much artistic liberties and means to an end that only add to a film that is very open to further reading; in particular an ending which may leave many to decide on whichever context it bares itself to. The Babadook is a…

  • Prisoners



    Besides a climactic third act that ties things up a little tighter than anticipated, this is a more than solid enough crime thriller with great performances to boast. The "what if?" scenario of a Stieg Larson style villain entering the real world is compelling if not totally convincing by the end, but its the character focus and deconstruction that really sets this one apart. Its a much darker and more morally questionable film than you'd ever expect it to be, and yet another example of Hollywood trying to catch up to the quality of the latest Nordic drama phase. At least, this is done well.