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  • Solaris



    Not many films reconciled themes of human existence, love and loss as transcendent and as profound as Andrei Tarkovsky's space drama. A planet creates physical manifestations of people from our memories, and with this phenomenon, we begin to question ourselves: Do these manifestations deserve to be loved and treated as human beings, or are they just elements that the planet created to distract us from our true intentions? In some ways, the planet creates a paradise for human beings who…

  • Burning



    This unique and visually-stunning mystery drama moves at a glacial pace, dropping clues one by one for the viewers to connect the dots themselves. It attempts to grapple you with its dark and sensual energy from start to end. But sadly, I wasn't completely engrossed. It's not that I am not fond of slow cinema—it's just that the pacing gradually made it difficult for me to discover the purpose of waiting for the plot to crescendo. And it did crescendo…

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  • Hello, Love, Goodbye

    Hello, Love, Goodbye


    Alden Richards’ character, Ethan, is pushy, creepy and problematic.

    He will continue sending friend requests even if Joy declined several times already. He will make the radio station talk about Joy in public without her permission. He will use another phone to text Joy anonymously. He will act like a police even if Joy is weeping out of fear. He will squeeze through inside a small room knowing that Joy will be uncomfortable. He will continually send “Need a friend…

  • Ma



    Damn Ma, it's so meh.

    I don't really have anything to say about this other than the fact that I was waiting for an Octavia Spencer X Allison Janney Best Supporting Actress faceoff scene, and instead I got Octavia Spencer threatening to cut off someone's d!ck (I know this might be a spoiler but who cares now.)