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  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    I'm really conflicted about this one. Having finished it, I'm not really sure what to say. This is a bizarre film with a lot of foreshadowing and strange imagery. I think I liked it...

    I will say though that the average moviegoer will hate this movie with a burning passion.

    Oh, and did anyone else notice the Spider-Man funko in the apartment of Andrew Garfield's character? I found that kind of funny. :P

  • John Wick

    John Wick


    What can I say? This movie is still fucking awesome five years later.

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  • Annihilation



    Annihilation is a visual thrill fest, that had my eyes glued to the screen, even though part of me wanted to avert them at places. The cast is pretty strong, even though the characters are not well fleshed out. Definitely see on the big screen, and preferably see it with somebody else, so you can discuss and debate afterwards. Otherwise you'll be like me and be debating with yourself.

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    Everything about this movie works, and on paper it almost sounds like it shouldn't. I saw the trailer for this months ago, and was immediately excited. The closer it got, and the more award nominations it raked up, the more excited I became. However, there was always that little sliver of doubt: would this movie work without coming off like a parody?

    It works.

    The cast is phenomenal, the cinematography is incredible, the music is wonderful. I literally had no…