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  • Buffalo Running

    Buffalo Running


    Rating: 40%
    Enjoyability Rating: 6/10

    Weirdly mesmeric.

  • Passage of Venus

    Passage of Venus


    Rating: 50%
    Enjoyability Rating: 5/10

    Space is amazing.

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  • See You Yesterday

    See You Yesterday


    Rating: 54%
    Enjoyability Rating: 5/10

    That kind of power? What would you do? What would you change?

    See You Yesterday has an interesting premise but is executed rather poorly. The film has an impact with its subject matter of black lives in the US but is badly contrasted with the tone of the film, which includes humour and a Michael J. Fox cameo.

    The acting is pretty good and the older brother is a stand-out but the script and plot is so mediocre.

    I'm afraid this time travel film isn't up there with the likes of Back To The Future. What a shame.

  • Passengers



    Rating: 36%
    Enjoyability Rating: 4/10

    I don't know, the whole woken up by another passenger thing could've made a great sci-fi thriller premise but no, they made a boring-ass love story. It may have an elegant look but the narrative is dull as ditchwater.

    Also, yay my 800th review!!!!!!