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  • Dog Bite Dog

    Dog Bite Dog


    Dir. Soi Cheang

    DOG BITE DOG is a brutal, stylish, crime thriller that takes classic Hong Kong action tropes and breathes life into them with the energy of its presentation and the muscular, energetic, manner in which it's filmed.

    Edison Chen plays Peng, a Cambodian hitman in Hong Kong on assignment. The film's excellent, tense, opening scenes convey a lot of information about Peng quickly and without dialogue, which is the hallmark of a…

  • V/H/S/2


    I only watched the Indonesian segment.

    It ruled.

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  • Shadow



    SHADOW (2019, CHINA)
    Dir. Zhang Yimou

    SHADOW is the NOTORIOUS of wuxia pictures. It's a visual masterpiece, a ruthless court drama, a story of divided hearts and fractured loyalties. It is the most complete film of the four historical action pictures Yimou has done.

    Set during a thinly veiled renaming of the Three Kingdoms War at the end of the Han Dynasty, SHADOW concerns a great commander who disobeys his King in an effort to steal a key city from…

  • Police Story 2

    Police Story 2


    One blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment encapsulates the embarrassment of riches that is POLICE STORY 2's stunt work.

    Ka-Kui (Jackie Chan) has just rushed to his girlfriend's (Maggie Cheung) house after she was threatened by a group of thugs looking to get revenge on him. While he's there, he gets a call from the dregs informing him they're waiting for him across the street at a small restaurant. He leaps into action, crossing a massive, multi-lane, highway with oncoming traffic. As he bounds…