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  • Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs

    I don’t feel confident in my opinions of Quentin Tarantino.

    I’ve had very wavering opinions of The Hateful Eight and Inglorious Bastards. Flip-flopping on these takes away any solid ground to argue for or against. I always had admiration for the old stuff until now.

    Having rewatched Reservoir Dogs, a film that yesterday I would have told people was my favorite by the director, I now feel that the sky is officially falling. I want to apologize to my younger…

  • The Party

    The Party

    Visual comedy in a heap of 60’s zeitgeist. Didn’t realize until reading more, how experimental this film was at the time. I haven’t seen any Tati films in their entirety, but the isolated sight gag is similar to moments from Playtime. A style reminiscent of Keaton and Chaplin, if you injected it with gorgeous technicolor; and intensified it using foley instead of music.

    The further you get, the funner the evening. And when you reach the party climax, you’ll be…

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  • Glass


    This film has broken me. I see the talent of a great director. This filmmaker understands that the way you release information in a shot can captivate an audience. He knows how to make a moment swell. He asks interesting questions. Alas he does all of this sparingly in a myriad of unnatural performances and expository dialogue that undermines everything that made the film recommendable. At times the story becomes silly and feels haphazardly thrown together. I have to assume…

  • Black Swan

    Black Swan