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  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    nice visual effects but I probably expect more inspirations that it is...
    Back's trick is a nice one but why he got ruined and rotten that soon?

  • A Dangerous Method

    A Dangerous Method


    Google+ 2017-05-21
    a wild movie title but very safe play, nothing really dangerous.
    if we have to define our dreams in every single details, we must live every single second meaningful.

    A dangerous method (2011)

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  • Ugetsu



    considering it's a movie made in 1950s, actually very nice and a bit similar to theater play.
    Only thing i want to complain is those 2 strange stains on the ghost lady's forehead, really distracted my attention!
    The music and sounds are weird but it did separate the theme from fantasy and reality.

  • The Last Women Standing

    The Last Women Standing


    this 1 star is for her father's talk, very touching although I doubt how many parents really can leave the social criticism away and not become the one judge their children the most...
    others are just corny, many embedded advertising and unreal theme setting...