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  • Our Man in Havana

    Our Man in Havana


    There were a few background moments in this that were so hilarious to me, like the MI6 agent closing the see through “door” for privacy, or the dude with the mustache staring directly into the camera right before the Guinness leaves the bar near the end. Guinness was fun again, and I really enjoyed the setting like I have with all the other Carol Reed movies I’ve seen, but otherwise this was a little tedious.

  • The Man Who Fell to Earth

    The Man Who Fell to Earth


    Me yesterday: “I want less predictable SciFi movies”

    Me after watching this movie: “Hmm ok maybe that was a little too arrogant I’m not that smart lol.”

    I could see this being really rewarding on a rewatch since there’s so much going on. The editing is absolutely nuts, and fit with the hallucinatory vibe of the movie. Bowie is perfectly cast in this role, both in look and in life experience. He is easily the highlight of this movie.


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  • The Night of the Hunter

    The Night of the Hunter


    Simply stunning. Robert Mitchum is a terrifying force of nature in this movie, giving a performance you rarely see in movies. Part of it is cool and in control, while the rest of it is unhinged and downright scary. At one point Mitchum let’s out a scream that sent actual chills down my spine. He feels unstoppable for most of the movie, and I think the religious aspect of it amplifies that feeling a lot. 

    The other standout for me…

  • The Scapegoat

    The Scapegoat


    A little too dull in the middle for my taste, but Alex Guinness is a delight. I’m ashamed I haven’t seen more of his movies outside of Star Wars, which he apparently loathed. He has a lot more to do here and in Great Expectations than he did in Star Wars and it’s really nice to see!