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  • Dr. Giggles

    Dr. Giggles


    This colorful, cartoonish slasher from the 90s hits all the right horror spots for me. I had so much fun with Dr. Giggles. And to those low raters saying it's stupid... it's a horror movie called DR. GIGGLES. What were you expecting? Patch Adams???

  • The Meg

    The Meg


    I’ll just quote myself after watching this, “It wasn’t terrible but I’d rather just watch a double feature of Deep Blue Sea and Piranha 3D, even as ridiculous as those movies are.”

    This is very PG-13.   **No children or dogs were killed during this movie**   (and they made sure of it).

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  • A Dark Song

    A Dark Song


    A slow burn but very well crafted, and I am just so fascinated with occult themes. It kinda reminded me a little of Hereditary with its themes, atmosphere, and sense of dread. Very bleak and draining.

    I unfortunately had to watch it in standard definition which SUCKED. Particularly during the epic parts at the end because some of the shots are dark and all I could see was annoying little pixley boxes, grrrr. I will need to revisit this another time in high definition for sure.

  • Witchboard



    It's not bad per se. I see its appeal, but it didn't really leave an impression on me. It's too much dramatic talky-talky and not enough spook. A darker, scarier remake of Witchboard would be cool. We all know Ouija didn't quite work out... 😶

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  • Urban Legend

    Urban Legend


    “Lucky for you MISS THANG, I’ve got a visual aid”

    I fucking LOVE Urban Legend and I don’t care who knows it.  I mean really, how great is this movie?  It has everything.  Witty dialogue, great performances, surprising twists, fun pop culture references, and tons of urban legend Easter eggs to pick through. And the storyline is brilliant...a killer is picking off college kids by recreating urban legends for their deaths. Brilliant idea and brilliantly executed, don’t @ me. UL…

  • Noroi: The Curse

    Noroi: The Curse


    No matter how terrifying, I want the truth

    My only very tiny complaint is the shaky, grainy camera in the last 20ish minutes just about gave me a seizure but otherwise fucking awesome movie! Original and engaging story. I was hooked from the very beginning.